The Best Chiropractic Care and Service Ever Received

I have been to many chiropractors in the Delaware/Sunbury area, as well as in other cities, and you guys are by far the best! It is apparent that I’m not just another patient to you and that you really care about me as a person. You are all so knowledgeable and caring and willing to discuss/address ANY health concerns I have, even if they are not related to my spine. There is no nickle and diming going on and you are willing to provide care as often or as little as I want or need it.

I sitll remember my very first visit 3 yrs. ago, after which Dr. Aaron gave me his cell phone number in case I had any problems after receiving my treatment. He also took the time to call me that evening to make sure I was ok. I was so impressed by that!

Thank you so much for being there, for caring, and for being so great at what you do!

Laura S.

Neck and Right Arm Pain

It started with a stiff neck and then I began to notice pain down my right arm.  My arm was having spasms and my neck was so tight I had lost a good portion of my range of motion.

I called Sunbury Chirpractic and they saw me right away.  I was immediately seen by their team.  The xray showed that two of my vertebra were out of place and pinching a nerve.  I was put on a treatment plan and began to notice results within a few days.

I was very pleased with the treatment (adjustments and physical therapy).  It allowed me to get back to work and back to life and I knew it.

I HIGHLY recommend this practice.  The Drs. are amazing and the staff is very helpful and kind.

Since then, I have taken both of my children (7 & 9) for adjustments to help with ear infections, immune boosts and for treatment for a fall on a basketball court that gave my 9yo whiplash.  All treatments have been successful and we continue therapy as needed.

Don’t hesitate…this is a quality practice that can provide results!

Amy K.

Low Back Pain

I had a wonderful experience at Sunbury Chiropractic Center. I have had a lot of low back pain over the years and have tried many things to get better. I was refered to Sunbury Chiropractic by a friend after an aggravation that caused me to miss work. Dr Aaron did an exam and found the cause of my problem. He and his team got it corrected and I am now back to work. Thank you Dr Aaron and Sunbury Chiropractic.

Gary G.